31 oct. 2008

IBOY Ipod gameboy Color emulador

To play gameboy and gameboy color games in the ipod.
Version 0.1.3 is only supported on: 4G, Mini-1G.
There are experimental versions for the 3G, Mini-2G, Nano, Color, Photo, and 5G(Video) -- Experimental builds for 0.3.3 (we are now up to 0.7.5) are in development for all color ipod versions.
100% emulation speed with approx 85% of roms.
44.1 KHz Stereo Sound.
Controls work by touching the wheel at different positions. This makes pressing two buttons (areas of the wheel) at the same time a problem.
In stretch mode, the screen is cropped, meaning pixels are lost around the edges. (Y-Axis toggle available)
Not all roms work; a status list of tested roms is available here
We now have Gameboy roms in full color on Nano's and Photos.

Este emulador es para los ipod y permite jugar juegos de gameboy color y gameboy en el ipod, siempre y cuando se tengan los Roms.
Version 0.1.3 soporta: 4G, Mini-1G. 3G, Mini-2G, Nano, Color, Photo, and 5G(Video)
Control en la rueda tactil los botones estan en los diagonales de la rueda
No todos los roms trabajan aqui una lista de los que si funcionan Lista

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